Daily Prompt: Aromatic

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As this holiday season is upon us, this will be the first Holidays that I will be spending alone without both of my parents, I am blue. My house was a hot bed of deliciousness and love and smells that were beyond anything in this entire world.

Any given day at my house brought about the smells of home cooked meals, desserts that make you drool before the first bite and the warmth of the circle that I called family. It was all due to one person and that was my mother. She was Betty Crocker on crack. That is a complete compliment for sure.

She grew up in Arkansas and was a farm raised child. She had a mother who was even more majestic in the kitchen than she was. Everything was made from scratch and with ingredients that were at home. There was no running to the store for something forgotten, It was improv all the way. There are still items that my grandmother made that her daughters cannot figure out the recipe because there was NO recipe. It was a pinch of this, a dash of that and the measuring was done by the palm of your hand or the stealth of your eyesight.

My house was the house that Rockefeller built in paintings. We were by no means perfect but we were the home that all of my friends wanted to live in and it was due to the love that my mother put in every single drop of every single thing she made.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, a random Sunday…they were occasions for my mother to pour love into the air. I was the only girl and the youngest and I was in love with my mother. Everyday I would hang out in the kitchen and watch her create everything from dinner to coffee to cakes to how she cleaned up after. It was a dance that she performed well. She was my very own Cinderella but the one from the ball not the maid.

Being awoken from a deep sleep when she was making Sunday breakfast was the BEST way to wake up. I would rush to the kitchen and steal a piece of bacon right before she shooed me out to get properly dressed for the morning meal. I would watch her make homemade biscuits and then she would place her home made jelly on the table. WINNING!

The smells are what I miss the most. If you were to think of a smell that brings back a memory then you know what I am talking about. The smell that makes me miss her so very much is the smell of stuffing. She made cornbread stuffing and it my MOST favorite thing that she ever made. I do not like Thanksgiving as a holiday because I am a Christmas girl but the smell of that stuffing is my home smell. It is aromatic to the point that I almost cannot describe. It is home. It is warmth. It is love. It is the one thing that I cling to and when I make her stuffing this Thursday I will probably shed a tear because I miss her but smile because she taught me the art of cooking and she left me with the craft of recreation.


Daily Prompt: Sincere

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Sincere I am

Sincere you were  not

It was with heaviness that we parted

It was with heartbreak that I watched you walk

I am standing alone

Wondering where you went without warning

Sincere was never in your repertoire

Sincere was once mine

Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

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When he came to me he seems genuine. He came to me with the smile of a child. The humor of a seasoned comedian, and he came with the sincerity of Mother Theresa. He was well versed in he musings of my interests and I was smitten.

He was charming to say the least and handsome to boot. He had the good looks a young Tom Selleck or someone more relevant. He was definitely someone that would get the stares of the females and possibly those of some males.

I was intrigued by his story. It was a tall tale of  time when he was free to wander the woods and explored. It was a time of innocence and long moments spent in contemplation of where his life would take him. He was sure he would make his dreams come true and he was determined.

I liked him instantly. He reminded me of myself when I was his age an before life got in the way of those dreams. Dreams I still hold on to and try to complete before the next hurdle happens. He gave me the vibes of old when I could see my future and its brightness.

We started spending more and more time with each other and I was like a kid again. I was feeling free and being more open to what was driving me from back in the day. I was invigorated and my juices were flowing and I was blowing through pen and paper at rapid speed.

I had a breakthrough with this guy. It was amazing! I was seeing the words spill onto the paper and the sentences were forming paragraphs and paragraphs were producing chapters. One by one the book of my life was being told. It was a most glorious moment.

I woke the next morning and I was full of myself. I was not arrogant but I was forceful in my thoughts and I was steadfast in my determination to fulfill this dream before life sneaked back into my way.

I was there, typing out the words that had filled my mind for far too long and I was rhythmic in my tapping  and it was culminating to the conclusion of the story that I was sweating out in front of me then life came with its heavy club and bludgeoned my dream to a halt because it had bigger plans and more determination than I at the time.


Daily Prompt: Smoke

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A thin line streamed from her mouth

followed by a cloud of death

a single small skull drifted past her eyes

disappearing into the air above

flick went the ash of her decision

conversation continued as she continued her puffing

Impressionable eyes were constantly watching

tiny little lungs were inhaling her habit

soon turned to small fingers taking the stick of death

soon inhaling the misery that would consume them as well

flick went the ash into the bowl of crippling addiction


Daily Prompt: Bridge

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I have traveled a few places around the world. I have seen many things and there was always one thing that my father taught his traveling children. Bridge the present to the past to the future. Carry with you the wisdom of the past and let it guide your choices in the present. Never forget that those choices will bridge your formation in the future.

Bridge what you were taught to what you learn now to what you will leave as a legacy in the future. Wise words from a man who grew up a poor migrant farm worker to a diligent military solider to a grandfather who was adored and wise.

We were given the ultimate opportunity to see more than our neighborhood. We were able to see the world and broaden our perspective at very early ages. We saw poverty and riches and moderate living. We befriended every rainbow color of children that came across our paths. We were NOT taught the difference of color except when using crayons. Our friends were not described by the color of their skin but by their given names, even if my friends had the same names. Surnames were the differentiation not that she was Asian, Black, or White. We were taught to bridge the notion that people are just people and nothing else matters except if they were a good soul or not.

Bridges are wonderful tools that I am glad I was taught early in life. I suppose that it came from a father who was treated according to his skin color and genetic make up and it did not side on the pleasant. He wanted his kids to travel a different bridge in life and that was to see the world as a whole, treat everyone with decency and respect, and to always carry forward a lesson of life, education and experience as we bridged our futures.

Daily Prompt: Waiting

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Hello….those are the greetings from every office worker around the world. Smiling, even if it is a faint and fake, they must said hello as part of the job. So, faint and fake is the return smile as we get on with the business of business.

At this particular office we are shuffled along to different areas and sometime we are walked to said areas. I believe that it is for the possibility that we may veer off course and stumble upon a mad science experiment and then we will be doomed!

I am guided down the hall and instead of being directed to the waiting room I am corralled in to an office where I am forced to have a conversation about a co-pay for a surgery that, at the present time of conversation, is hypothetical.

My witty disdain comes flying through my mouth as I gently berate her for casually mentioning the 900+ amount owed as if she believes that I have acquired a fantastic talent of shitting money.

She smiles and laughs since she believes me to be joking and then she ushers me to the actual waiting area. This will be my home for an inordinate amount of time that leaves me to think the absolute worst. With this day, those thoughts will come to fruition as the Dr. finally comes to terms with the news that he has been holding for almost 3 weeks.

Waiting is a behavior best left to Monks since they will think thoughts of purity and light and I thought about cancer and waiting.

Daily Prompt: Clumsy

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She walked into the light and felt the warmth of the sun.

She closed her eyes as she sank into the vitamin D that washed over her skin.

Arms stretched out as she felt the cooling breeze brush over her entire being.

The salty air was drenched in her senses.

The sand beneath her feet was slightly giving way under her weight as she moved to step.

It was when she opened her eyes that she saw before her the ground inching closer.

WHAP! she was now face first in the sand that once held her as she clumsily tripped.